A new look for a better tomorrow

Now we’ve had more time to think about how we can share our vision with you. Together, we can make it possible for more people to live a truly climate positive life.

Why change now?

Our community is growing. Now lots of you choose to live climate positive with us. We’ve always stood for a better, more liveable tomorrow. We’re just making sure the way we communicate makes that clear.

There are plenty of commercial brands that offer climate offsets. Lots of them do this by planting trees in other countries, with little oversight or control over what happens to those trees in the future. ForTomorrow is different. We offer reliable, sustainable, long-term climate protection right here in Europe. By making our brand as distinctive as our actions, we make sure people who haven’t yet joined the movement know that we’re something special.

We want more people to be aware of what we offer. We want to stand out from the crowd and attract more people to join our community. In a commercial environment that’s branding. But we want to maximise impact, not profit. This new brand isn’t just a superficial makeover, it better reflects what we value and stand for.

The way we present ourselves to the world is important. Getting more support means we can make a bigger difference and progress towards a better future for everyone.

Our brand also represents what we value most. Optimism will give us the energy to tackle the huge task we’ve got ahead of us. We all need to make radical changes to protect the climate and that can feel overwhelming. Fostering trust is an important part of overcoming that fear of change. Your climate friendly actions can inspire others to make an impact. Inspiration can be the spark we need to start changing.

Every individual action matters. Together, we’re a community. Your actions make even more of a difference as part of that global community movement. We believe all of these qualities come together to spur us into action. We accept that we don’t have all the time in the world—we have to act fast.

What’s new?

Our logo: basic shapes, four circles and a geometric typeface. Combined, they make a logo that’s as clear and transparent as we are. Designed by the renowned Raban Ruddigkeit, using his uniquely recognisable geometric symbolism. The logo’s rotational symmetry shows our desire for action and to restore the balance. Thank you, Raban!

ForTomorrow’s new logo consisting of a rotational symmetric set of four overlapping circles and a sans serif wordmark.
Our new logo: four circles represent the sun, the earth, the atmosphere and life on our planet.

Colours: we’ve stuck with green to represent optimism, sustainability and (of course) nature, but it’s a fresher green than our old one. Purple is for inspiration and for you, our diverse community. It’s a bold combination because we want to inspire bold action to look after our planet.

ForTomorrow is here to stay. Our name describes what we stand for and what drives us. Lots of you already love it. We’ve got a good thing and we’re sticking to it.

For You

Every day, more and more of us realise that we cannot carry on living the way we have been. But what’s the best way to start changing? It’s not always easy to know where to start. ForTomorrow helps you throughout your journey towards a climate positive life. Joining ForTomorrow means joining a community that takes action to build their ideal future.

ForTomorrow will be more than just a service. We’ll be a vital part of the community as it works together to make sure our future on this planet is a joyful, liveable one.

We’re still a work in progress, and we want to continue evolving with our community. If anyone knows a designer who wants to get their hands dirty with us, then let us know.

So from now on, our website and all the other ways we communicate with you will have our new logo, colours and font. We’ve got a friendly new face to show the world, and a brand that shows how dedicated we are to helping you take real action. We hope you love it as much as we do.