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How much should I offset?

Below you find some common examples of emission sources.

Personal emissions

The table below shows the average yearly emissions per capita per country:

Country Per capita per year
The Netherlands 10 tonnes
Germany 9 tonnes
Austria 7 tonnes
Switzerland 5 tonnes
United Kingdom 5 tonnes

Source: European Environment Agency
Source (UK): World Bank

If you want to offset one person’s emissions for a year, you can use one of the values above. In that case you can also choose to donate monthly with a climate subscription.


For offsetting your trips, you find an overview of common modes of transport below. Unless indicated otherwise the data were published by the German Federal Environment Agency, partly through its climate impact calculator. We recommend using that calculator for more precise estimates.

Over land
Mode of transport Per 1 000 km  
Long distance train* 0,031 tonnes Per passenger
Coach 0,031 tonnes Per passenger
Car⁑ 0,177 tonnes Per vehicle

*) Based on the German electricity market ⁑) Source: Activ fürs Klima

Cruise ship

A ten day cruise cause on average about one tonne of CO2 emissions per passenger.

  Per hour per passenger
Economy, Europe 0,13 tonnes
Economy, transcontinental 0,17 tonnes

CO2 emissions of businesses vary greatly and often require custom estimations. To get you started, you’ll find an overview of important CO2 emission sources in companies below. For a more detailed calculation please contact us.


Transport is a large CO2 source for companies. Trucks cause about 10% of world-wide emissions. In the table below you find average emission by mode of transport

Mode of transport Per tonne-kilometer
Light truck (3,5 - 7 tonnes) 569 grams
Medium truck (7,5–12 tonnes) 398 grams
Heavy truck (over 12 tonnes) 235 grams
Barge 36 grams
Cargo train, diesel 28 grams
Cargo train, electric 15 grams

One tonne-kilometer means transporting 1 000_kg of cargo over one kilometer. The values are based on data of the German Federal Environment Agency.

Energy source kg per kWh
Heating oil, light 0,226
Natural gas 0,201
Wood pellets 0,036
Biogas/biomethane 0,152
Lignite 0,383

The information is based on the fact sheet of the Federal Office for Economy and Energy: Energy-related optimization of plants and processes and processes, federal funding for energy efficiency in the Economy (2020-12-01).


The CO2 footprint of websites varies greatly depending on how they are how they are built and whether they use sustainable energy energy. A lightweight website like this one, causes about 50 grams per 1 000 page views. Heavy pages that, for example, automatically play video or have AI integrations, can easily generate 20 to 30 times as much CO2. You can get a quick and free estimation of the CO2 footprint of your website via this Website Carbon Calculator.

We believe it’s important to avoid as many CO2 emissions as possible first. You can then offset any remaining CO2 emissions through effective climate protection. The examples given should be seen as guidelines and as a starting point. It is not important that we do everything right straight away. What is important is that we take action!

Have a question about donating?

How is my donation used when I choose to offset via both offset measures?

Your choosen number of tonnes will half be offset via canceling emission rights, the other half via planting trees.

Do I get a certificate for my offsets?

You you will immediately get a certificate for your offsets on the confirmation page. You can also get a ForTomorrow-badge for your website to show your engagement with reliable climate protection in Europe. Organisations donating get that badge automatically.

Why is it relevant that ForTomorrow is a nonprofit?

ForTomorrow is an official German nonprofit company. That means that you can deduct your donations from income tax in Germany. Moreover, that ensures that your donations are really spent on climate protection measures. We at ForTomorrow are legally required to spend at least two-thirds of our donations at climate protection. The remaining third can be used to finance salaries of our staff and the other costs that come with running a business. We go beyond that though. We use at least 85% of our donations for climate protection.

How can I deduct my donations from tax?

You will automatically receive a donation receipt in next year’s first quarter. If you pay income tax in Germany, you can deduct your donations with that receipt. If you pay taxes in another country, it depends on if your government recognizes donations to German non-profits as deductable.