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We make it possible for everyone to take part in true climate positivity

ForTomorrow is a non-profit, for purpose organization. We are a small number of permanent staff and a growing and changing group of skilled volunteers. That way, we keep costs low, so we can spend more than 85% of our revenue on carbon offsets.

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We must act faster than before—the clock is ticking

Climate change is already happening. Global temperatures have risen by 1°C. If we continue to emit as much as we do today, it will be incredibly difficult for the world to become carbon neutral in 7 years in order to limit global warming to 1.5 °C (IPCC recommendation). At 1.5°C our ecosystem could remain largely in balance, but we are running out of time.

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The future without carbon neutrality

If we don’t manage to reduce our carbon emissions, the earth will warm up more than 4°C by 2100. Such world would be difficult to recognize:

  • Cities like London, New York and Mumbai will be flooded
  • Entire ecosystems will be lost; half of animal and plant species and coral reefs will be completely extinct
  • There will be record-breaking summer temperatures of over 50°C in Europe
  • We will see an increase in dangerous tipping points; large parts of the world will become uninhabitable

What can we do?

ForTomorrow was founded in 2019 as a non-profit organization. We want to enable everyone to live a carbon neutral lifestyle. Together, we can transform Europe into the first carbon neutral continent. Each EU citizen emits an average of 9 tonnes of CO2 per year. We help you reduce your carbon emission to less than 1 ton in the long-term. Meanwhile we offset the rest for you. If we manage to reduce the worldwide carbon emissions year by year, we will have a bit more time than the 7 years mentioned earlier. We can then safely reach the 1.5°C goal with carbon neutrality in 2040. But we must act faster.

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