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We’d be pleased to cancel volumes of over 6 000 emission rights. To do so, we may need to make some provisions to ensure your donation can cover the costs of your offset. If you need us to cancel the full emission rights, please contact us before donating.

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You can cancel your subscription anytime. Select ‘Donation receipt’ at checkout to get up to 45% tax refund if you pay tax in Germany.

About our climate subscriptions

You donate the amount of your choice and with that, we offset CO2 emissions with high quality measures in Europe.

With a climate subscription you make it possible for ForTomorrow to buy and cancel European emission rights. Through that, we force big polluters to reduce their emissions in the EU. You can also choose to support our climate-resistant, mixed forest planting projects in Germany, to capture CO2 from the air.

Offset the carbon emissions of an average European, a family, or choose an individual amount. With us, you can rise to the challenge of protecting our climate. Every action matters.

And if you change your mind, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

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What do I get with my climate subscription?

After signing up for a climate subscription with ForTomorrow, you will receive your personal donation certificate with a unique donation ID. At the start of each year, you’ll receive the official donation receipt. Every month we’ll send you our Impact Report. There we update you on how many emission rights we’ve canceled and the status of our afforestation projects. You’ll be a part of the ForTomorrow community and will be the first to know when we’re planning our next events.

How is my donation used when I choose to offset via both offset measures?

Your choosen number of tonnes will half be offset via canceling emission rights, the other half via planting trees.

Do I get a certificate for my offsets?

When you sign up to a climate subscription, you will get a certificate for your offsets on the confirmation page. You can also get a ForTomorrow-badge for your website to show your engagement with reliable climate protection in Europe. Organisations donating get such a badge automatically too.

Why is it relevant that ForTomorrow is a nonprofit?

ForTomorrow is an official German nonprofit company. That means that you can deduct your donations from income tax in Germany. Moreover, that ensures that your donations are really spent on climate protection measures. We at ForTomorrow are legally required to spend at least two-thirds of our donations at climate protection. The remaining third can be used to finance salaries of our staff and the other costs that come with running a business. We go beyond that though. We use at least 85% of our donations for climate protection.

How can I deduct my donations from tax?

You will automatically receive a donation receipt in next year’s first quarter. If you pay income tax in Germany, you can deduct your donations with that receipt. If you pay taxes in another country, it depends on if your government recognizes donations to German non-profits as deductable.

How can I change or cancel my subscription?

Simply send us a mail at