ForTomorrow is a non-profit organization

What is a non-profit organization?

A non-profit organization (NPO) is a type of organization that does not operate for the purpose of making a profit for its owners or shareholders. Instead, NPOs are dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a particular point of view.

They use their resources to achieve their objectives, rather than distributing them as profits or dividends. NPOs are typically tax-exempt and are eligible for certain types of donations, grants, and other forms of financial support.

What’s ForTomorrow’s purpose as a non-profit organization?

Our goal is to make Europe climate neutral before 2040. That is why we are offering everyone the opportunity to use climate subscriptions to drive forward climate protection in Europe. Through your climate subscription, you efficiently reduce the CO2 emissions of the European Union.

Certification that ForTomorrow is a non-profit organization

What do you gain from ForTomorrow being a non-profit corporation?

Now, as a non-profit organization we can accept donations for climate protection and issue donation certificates that you can use on your tax return in Germany and other countries.

In Germany, the tax office reimburses you for around 45% of your donation. In this way, as a supporter of non-profit organizations, you can get the government to participate in climate protection.