Why is it worth it for you to donate to climate protection now?

How does your donation for climate protection work?

If you want to protect the climate, you can support a climate protection organization. This climate protection organization then invests your money in measures to protect the climate. We at ForTomorrow are also a climate protection organization. If you direct your donation for climate protection to us, we plant climate-resilient mixed forests in Germany and buy CO2 rights from industry, e.g. coal-fired power plants. By planting trees, you ensure that CO2 is taken out of the air. If you buy CO2 rights from industry, CO2 emissions in the European Union will fall. This has the double advantage that you reduce CO2 and absorb CO2 from the air. At ForTomorrow you will always be informed how your donation is used for climate protection.

With your donation for climate protection, we at ForTomorrow plant trees in Germany and cancel EU emission rights

How do you know if your donation for climate protection is being used correctly?

When you donate to climate protection, take a close look at the organization. Check how the climate protection organization invests your money.

  1. Transparency: Can you find numbers? Can you find business reports?
    Transparency is extremely important in climate protection. You want your donation to be invested wisely. If you can’t find exact details, ask directly.
  2. Organization: What type of company is it?
    Is your chosen climate protection organization a commercial enterprise or a non-profit (gGmbH)? As a non-profit gGmbH, we at ForTomorrow are legally obligated to invest your donation in climate protection. This gives you more security. We even go so far as to invest 85% of our revenue in climate protection in Europe.
  3. Activity: What does your climate protection organization do to protect the climate?
    See if it sounds logical what your favorite climate protection organization does. If you choose a company that operates in Germany or Europe, you can more easily control how your money is used. In addition, we have stricter laws in Europe that provide you with additional safeguards. For example, we only reforest in Germany. Our forests are protected by the Federal Forest Act. Our forests cannot simply be cut down and must be replanted if they are damaged.

Argument of climate protection critics: Climate protection harms the economy?

The opposite is true. Fossil fuels are limited. If we expand renewable forms of energy now, we will become economically less dependent on limited resources. Wind, solar and hydroelectric power can shape our future sustainably. So climate protection is also about protecting our economy. And an investment in our future.