Climate subscription For CO2 Experts

Already know your yearly carbon footprint? You can offset exactly that amount with this monthly subscription. You’ll remove CO2 emissions from the atmosphere by planting trees. You’ll also avoid CO2 emissions because by purchasing emissions permits, polluters like coal-fired power plants are forced to shut down. Together, these actions can offset your carbon footprint.

How much do you want to offset?

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How do you want to offset?

Offset 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, with:

  • 4.5 Emission rights cancelled

    Canceling emission rights equals shutting down a coal-fired power plant for  hours. 5 minutes.  seconds.

    We buy European emission allowances (EUAs) from the European Union’s capped carbon trading scheme. Then we cancel them, which means the rights are destroyed forever! This way, we force the big CO2 emitters like coal-fired power plants in the EU to emit less CO2. Because European emission allowances determine how much carbon emissions can be emitted in the EU. This is the most effective way to avoid emissions that we know of.

  •  Trees planted in Europe

    Our trees grow in new, protected forests in Germany.

    We plant mixed forests together with our partner, the German Forest Protection Association. We choose state-owned land to avoid future deforestation for commercial purposes. Mixed forests have many advantages. They are much more climate-resistant, offer protection against drought, wind and disease, and promote biodiversity. Planting in Germany has the added advantage that CO2 is offset where it is emitted—so offsets are credited where they are needed.

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You can cancel your subscription anytime. Select ‘Donation receipt’ to get up to 45% tax refund if you pay tax in Germany.

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