Work at ForTomorrow

Do you want to work on humanity’s biggest challenge? You can help make our civilisation carbon positive and beat climate change. Do something new, drive growth and have a big impact in a small organisation.

About working with us

We’re a small organisation, mostly run by volunteers. We’re non-profit, for impact. We have responsibility and the freedom to experiment and learn. We work independently towards clear goals. We can work when and how we prefer. Everything we do, we share on Trello, Slack, GDocs, Figma and Github.

Right now, we’re looking for people with experience so that you can work independently, without lots of guidance from the team.

Volunteer roles

If you want to work with us, please find an area below where you can work independently and define your own tasks.


Help make this page look more exciting! Right now, Koos does everything design and there’s so much to do. We’re looking for designers with at least three years of experience who can take over some of his responsibilities. This could include the following:

  1. Branding: We’re in the process of rebranding ForTomorrow. We have a direction, now we need to implement it:
    • Develop a visual language
    • Mock up web page layouts and create a component library in the process.
    • Find or create visual assets which match the new style. New illustrations for the tree and power plant we use on several webpages would be particularly important!
  2. Brochure and ad design: we’re on several social platforms (see the footer of the page) and our posts need high quality visuals.
  3. User research: Through interviews and web analytics, find out what motivates our users, how we can segment our target group and how we can improve our brand and the community. And of course: how we can increase our conversion rates.
  4. Usability testing: Find out how we can improve our website and the subscription experience through interviews and observations.

Copy writing & translation

  1. German and English: We have a blog, newsletters and lots of information to share. There’s so much you could help with.
  2. German and English: help to implement the new branding guidelines on the current and redesigned web pages.
  3. Other languages: We want to bring ForTomorrow’s offering to other countries. That means you could translate not just the website, but also adverts and social media accounts. Perhaps most importantly, you could help build a strategy to make ForTomorrow successful in those countries.

This is more than copy writing, but being good with words is essential.

Web development

We could really use somebody experienced creating layouts and styling: the front of the front-end, so to say. Ideally with some design experience.

Marketing & growth

We run ad campaigns on Facebook and Google. We could use your experience in optimising campaigns and funnels.

If you have a large online audience or know how to get people with large audiences, then you could also help us.

How to apply

We know time is precious and you have to make a living too. So to keep things simple, we’re just looking for people to do the work packages described above. We’d still like our collaboration to go beyond the packages though. If you want to take responsibility for a work stream, you’ll have the opportunity to do that once you’ve shown your skills.

This way, we can make sure that you get to make an impact, do work that interests you and spend just as much time on it as you like.

  1. Pick up one or more of the work packages we’ve described. Can’t find a role that matches? It might be worth waiting until we’ve grown and need your skills. Or, let us know why we need your support and describe your own work package.
  2. Show us that you’ve got the skills to pull off the package independently. A resume and portfolio could help. We’re don’t need long and fancy letters, we just want to find out if we’re a good match.
  3. Let us know how much time a week you can give to ForTomorrow.

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