Volunteering at ForTomorrow

Do you want to work on humanity's biggest challenge?

You can help make our civilisation climate-positive. Do something new, drive growth and have a big impact in a small organisation.

Volunteer roles

If you want to work with us, please find an area below where you can work independently and define your own tasks.

Role Starting Notes
Photographer Now

Can you support us to create professional team photos for social media, website or press articles? We’re looking forward to your message!

User researcher Now

Can you help us better understand the needs of our current and future users?

Web designer Now

Want to help design new website features, branding or social media post templates?

Illustrator Soon

Explaining action on climate change can be quite complicated. Illustrations are essential for this.

Copywriter Soon

There is much you could help with if you have experience writing in English or German.

Translator Now

We’re constantly adding new features and posts. We want to make that available in English and Dutch as much as possible.

Web developer Now

Are you good at HTML and CSS? Or more of a software architecture advisor?


About working with us

We’re a small organisation, relying on volunteers. We’re non-profit, for impact. We have responsibility and the freedom to experiment and learn. We work independently towards clear goals. Everything we do, we share on Trello, Slack, GDocs, Figma and GitHub. Our office is in Berlin. Our volunteers work where and when they prefer.

How to apply

We know time is precious and you have to make a living too. So to keep things simple, you please apply for a specific role via the links above. If your skills aren’t listed and you believe we need you nonetheless, we’re curious to receive your pitch.