Volunteer at ForTomorrow

You want to work on humanity’s biggest challenge: making our civilization carbon positive and beat climate change? You want to work on something new, in a small organisation, drive growth and have big impact? Work with us!

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. We’re mostly run by volunteers. We are a non-profit organisation and we can’t offer competitive salaries to the skilled people that we need—yet. But you can get us there.

We’re a distributed organization—you can work where and when you want to. Everything we do, we share on Trello, Slack, GDocs, Figma and Github.

We’re looking for experienced people, because we need our volunteers to work with only little guidance from the team.

Volunteer roles


See how boring this page looks? Right now, Koos does everything design and there’s just so much to do! We’re looking for designers with at least 3 years of experience who can take over some of his responsibilities.

  1. Branding: we’ve in the process of creating a brand for ForTomorrow. We have a direction and now need to implement it: a. Develop a visual language b. Mock up web page layouts and create a component library in the process.
  2. User research: through interviews and web analytics, find out what motivates our users, how we can segment our target group, how we can improve our brand, the community and of course: how we can increase our conversion rates.
  3. Usability testing: through interviews and observations find out how we can improve our website and the subscription experience.

Product management

Remember when we mentioned that we coordinate the work among volunteers? We’d gladly hand over that responsibility to a entry or senior level product manager.

Copywriting & translation

  1. German: implement the new branding guidelines to the current and redesigned web pages.
  2. German and English: we have a blog, newsletters and a whole lot of information to share. But we’re neither good nor fast writers, so we can really use some help here..
  3. English: see point 1. but for English, or translate from German.
  4. Other languages: this is much more than copywriting though. We want to bring ForTomorrow’s offering to other countries. That requires translation not just of the website, but also of ads, social media accounts and—perhaps more importantly—a strategy to make ForTomorrow successful in those countries.

Web development

We have static website built by Jekyll with a backend provided by Fundraisingbox. Things we want to add in the next year or so:

  • A CMS
  • A web app for our members so they can use to track their donations and CO2 emissions. It will help members become carbon positive—and not just through offsets.

We need advice and for an approach and architecture to get there. Once we have a plan for that, we need people helping us build these things.


We’d be happy to hear from you if you don’t have the skills listed above, but think you can help ForTomorrow grow in another way.

How to apply

All of our time is scarce and you have to make a living too. To keep things simple, we’re not hiring for roles, but for work packages. That said, we want our collaboration to go beyond that. If you want to take responsibility for a work stream, you can get it as soon as you’ve shown your skills.

This is our approach to making sure you get to make impact, do interesting work and spend just as much time on it as you want:

  1. You apply per email to pick up one or more work packages.
  2. You show us that you have the skills and experience to pull it off independently (for instance with a portfolio).
  3. You tell us how much time per week you can commit to ForTomorrow.
  4. We coordinate work packages among volunteers. It’s possible the work package you prefer is taken by someone else.
  5. You get full responsibility for growing ForTomorrow through the work assigned to you.
  6. We have check-ins once a week (or more often if you want!) where we talk about progress and how the team can support you.
  7. ForTomorrow grows, CO2 goes down, the humanity becomes climate positive.

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